Over 40 Years Combined Hair Replacement Experience

We provide top quality hair replacement services with all the latest technology available and the experience to back up that technology. We offer a more intimate relaxed atmosphere here at Elements of Hair. We don’t believe in pressure sales, in fact our main focus is on the best possible service.

Free Consultation

Come in for a free consultation, we will answer all your questions so you will understand exactly what to expect. We don’t use misleading verbiage that you sometimes find on websites in our industry. Do your research, and you’ll see that we are very reasonably priced. We don’t have the overhead of a huge facility or a sales team.

Meet Our Friendly Staff

  1. Lori Stasinos (owner)

    – 15+yrs experience in hair replacement as a stylist
    – Previously one of the owners of “Apollo Hair Center” in Phoenix, AZ




  2. Brandie Reyes

    – 15+yrs experience in hair replacement
    – Formerly a national trainer for “Virtual Reality and Natural Advantage”
    – Previously employed at Apollo Hair Center & National Hair Center




  3. Diana Karina de Durazo

    Diana has 15 years experience in hair replacement. She took 1st Place in an international competition in 2011. Diana does men and women’s hair and specializes in creative hair coloring such as ombre, sunstreaking, and Balayage. She is married with three children and is fluent in Spanish.

  4. Peter Schubert (co-owner)

    – 20+ yrs as a successful business entrepreneur
    – Business administration




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