Products & Services

Natural Advantage

Natural advantage is 100% real human hair. It looks, styles and acts like your real hair. It is personalized to the color, density and hairline you want. Wear it ANY way you want. Long, short, brushed back virtually any way you can imagine.

Technology has finally caught up with your fantasies. Natural advantage is the latest technology offered in hair replacement, exceeding expectations of all previously developed hair replacement.

Elements of Hair also offers a full line of hair replacement for women. Natural Advantage’s line for women includes top of the head to full coverage wigs. Natural Advantage hair enhancements are lightweight comfortable and completely undetectable with endless styling options.

Design Services

We take the clients personal style, lifestyle and personality, along with facial features and compose the best possible hair design for each individual. We offer a broad spectrum of salon services such as cut, color, highlights, lowlight, perms, and styling. We are well versed in all services for the hair replacement industry. We are able to handle any level and degree of hair loss, including: Alopecia, hormone deficiency, chemo therapy and heredity.

Laser Hair Therapy

The significant benefits of Laser Hair Therapy is an increased blood supply to the scalp which brings oxygen to the follicles and nourishes cells. It encourages circulation and in turn promotes hair growth. We now offer the “Max Laser comb”, which was featured in Time magazine and NBC Dateline. The “Max Laser comb” is a hand held device that can be used in the comfort of your own home, cutting down on the expense and time of in salon treatments.


We carry a wide variety of top quality hair and scalp care products. Our products include solvents, adhesives, tapes, clips and more.

Featuring Apollo Hair Systems

Apollo Hair Systems use 100% human hair!
Apollo offers a natural, customized hair system. Apollo uses top quality 100% human hair ranging from ultra thin to more durable longer-lasting hair systems. We will work together with you to come up with the best possible design to fit your personality, and lifestyle. When customizing a hair replacement design the possibilities are endless, from solid colors to highlights and from short and spiky to long and flowing. If you see a picture of how you imagined your hair. Bring it in and we can discuss your options.

Enjoy Hair Care Products

At Enjoy Professional Hair Care we take the guess work out of getting the best color results for your hair, with our professional line of Shampoos and Conditioners with Color Keeper Technology and Balanced and Stable pH levels that ensure you keep the color you want in your hair. Saving you time and money!