• Welcome To Elements Of Hair

    Welcome To Elements Of Hair

    Hair replacement for men, women, and children! Ask about our Apollo Hair Systems utilizing top quality 100% human hair! Specializing in non-surgical hair replacement, we have all the latest technology in the industry.
  • Experts in Hair Replacement

    Experts in Hair Replacement

    The team with Apollo Hair Center welcomes you to its new location at Elements of Hair, Apollo Arizona. With over 40 years combined experience, our stylists pride themselves at being experts in the business.
  • Products & Services You’ll Love

    Products & Services You’ll Love

    We can help men, women, and children with all degrees of hair loss. Also, NO CONTRACTS. We don't believe in contracts at Elements of Hair. We want you coming back because you'll love the products and services.
  • Convenient Location & Scheduling

    Convenient Location & Scheduling

    We are conveniently located in Phoenix just north of Loop 101 and Cave Creek Road, click here for directions. We have evening hours available by appointment to help accomodate anyone's schedule.
  • Laser Hair Restoration Also Available

    Laser Hair Restoration Also Available

    The significant benefits of Laser Hair Therapy is an increased blood supply to the scalp which brings oxygen to the follicles and nourishes cells. It encourages circulation and in turn promotes hair growth. We now offer the "Max Laser comb"!